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Many people would like to see a certain woman run for President against Barack Obama. No, not Sarah PalinHillary Clinton.

One of the earliest articles about Hillary opposing Obama in the Democratic primaries was published in Salon on August 4. Lately, more and more of Obama’s media supporters are starting to express doubts about him and his reelection chances. Indeed, James Carville has indicated that Obama’s team should panic.

To many, Hillary Clinton increasingly seems to be the only way to save the Democrats from a serious defeat in 2012.

If she has any desire to do so, this is probably the week it will happen.

As Secretary of State, she has been removed from the domestic and economic side of the administration and would not be held to blame in that area.

The recent upset in the New York Congressional District special election leads many to think the Jewish vote is in play.

Clinton has repeatedly said she is not running. If she is considering it, a “resignation because of conscience” over our policy in the Israeli-Palestinian controversy would be a rational basis.

Ed Koch is already promising to go to Florida to campaign among Jewish voters in opposition to Obama. It is reasonable to assume he would be more comfortable with Hillary than with Rick Perry.

It is not likely she will run. But, this would be the excuse … if she is looking for one.

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