About Dale

Dale Steinacker has led a life with a variety of interests.  Born in Baltimore, he was active in The Children’s Theatre Association and studied under Isabel (Dearie) Burger from 1955 through 1963. He also performed in various productions in the Baltimore area as well as in Michigan.

He received his bachelor’s degree from what is now called Towson University in Maryland with a major in Political Science and a minor in Mathematics. During his time at Towson, he served as the Features Editor and later the News Editor of The Tower Light student newspaper and covered and commented on the 1966 Maryland Gubernatorial election won by Spiro Agnew.

At his graduation, Dale took a job in the computer industry. Then he went to American University to receive a Master’s degree with an emphasis on Computer Science and Management Information  Systems. One of his classes was with Dr. Carl Hammer, who worked on the ENIAC development effort with Eckert and Mauchly.  Dr. Hammer also had many stories about Grace Hopper.

Dale spent his career in the computer industry.  For any geeks reading this, Dale has worked in design and maintenance of both Operating Systems and Database Management Systems. He has coded in COBOL, FORTRAN, PASCAL, C, BASIC and assembler languages as well as tools specific to the UNIVAC 1108 and its successor machines.

Dale and his wife Barbara recently moved from Columbia, Maryland to the Raleigh-Durham Triangle area in North Carolina. She is a Pastel Portrait and Landscape Artist. Her website is http://www.bsteinacker.com.  Dale’s daughter, Florence, is married and works with a veterinarian in Richmond, Virginia.

Dale is a long time fan of the Baltimore Orioles and was a fan of the Baltimore Colts of Unitas, Berry, et. al. He lost interest in the NFL when Baltimore had no team, but is now an avid fan of the Superbowl winning Baltimore Ravens.

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