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Trayvon and The Democrats

Democrats and some media (MSNBC, for example) are rushing into the Trayvon Martin case as if it is an unalloyed political gift for Democrats and progressives. While it may help some Democratic office holders, it has the potential to be

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Constitutional Babble

The original Star Trek series, with William Shatner as Captain Kirk, would not be the first place one would look for a treatise on constitutional law. But one episode has an interesting lesson for the Supreme Court to consider as

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Election Laws

Election laws are a matter of life and death for a political party. If you want to understand how they feel about the electoral process, ignore their flowery speeches and look at the changes they propose or oppose in election

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First, Do No Harm

Charles Murray’s latest book, Coming Apart, is receiving a lot of attention and attacks for its description of an increasingly isolated and disconnected upper class. The angst is understandable since most of the complaints are coming from people in that

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Things are only inevitable, unstoppable and unchangeable until they aren’t. Through the first week of March, 2012, the progress of the liberal culture war agenda seemed unstoppable. Victories were seen in “same-sex marriage”, abortion, the feminist agenda and Gay rights.

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It Ain’t Luck

In every business transaction, we evaluate the capabilities of the people providing the service. Each mechanic, plumber, barber, hair stylist, doctor, lawyer or even movie “Indian Chief” is evaluated. We go back to, or “re-hire” the good ones and stop

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Thoughts on 2012

Some thoughts on where we are and the coming political campaign: The United States The U.S. is still in a slowdown. More layoffs are happening and the “softer” unemployment numbers (like retirees) are growing. This will continue to dampen spending

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Thinking the Unthinkable

Presidential candidates find their past comments and subject for review and discussion. One quote likely to raise eyebrows came from Rick Perry when he quipped that Texans were “thinking about secession.” For many people, the idea of electing a person

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Now is the Time

Many people would like to see a certain woman run for President against Barack Obama. No, not Sarah Palin … Hillary Clinton. One of the earliest articles about Hillary opposing Obama in the Democratic primaries was published in Salon on

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Lessons from a Festival

On October 1-2 in Columbia, MD, my church will be holding its fourth annual Multicultural Festival. Many people know about the “Greek Festivals” held by local Greek Orthodox Churches as a fundraiser. Our church is a multi-ethnic Orthodox Church. Our

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