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Of Laws or Lawyers

We pride ourselves as a nation on being a government of laws. That means no one is above the law. If a judge goes “around the law” to fix a ticket or let a friend off for some offense, we

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Umpire John Roberts

When you are an umpire and the batter hits a foul ball you are supposed to call it foul. It doesn’t matter if there are two outs in the bottom of the ninth and the home team’s best player is

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Nearsighted Strategy

      Strategic decisions made in the heat of a Presidential campaign can have disastrous long-term consequences. Apparently some in Democratic Party, and the President’s reelection team, are considering the idea of attacking the Supreme Court if it overturns

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Constitutional Babble

The original Star Trek series, with William Shatner as Captain Kirk, would not be the first place one would look for a treatise on constitutional law. But one episode has an interesting lesson for the Supreme Court to consider as

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What We All Know

It is very reassuring when we can deride those who have different political views because “everybody” knows that what they are saying is wrong. Probably the most damaging political label in American political history is “Know-Nothings.” In the 19th century,

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Only the Constitution

Whenever a document controls people’s lives, a group arises with the power to interpret its meaning. In Judaism, the Talmudic writings provide an interpretation of the Torah (First five books of the Jewish scriptures). On the legal side, the U.S.

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To Preserve The Law

The oath taken by public officials includes the promise to “preserve, protect and defend” the Constitution. Is this a pointless pledge or is there a risk the day will come when the Constitution is no longer our governing document. For

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