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Where to Cut

President Obama named a “Deficit Commission” headed by Erskine Bowles and Alan Simpson. They failed to come up with the necessary votes so they forwarded no recommendations to Congress. Since their ideas are likely to be ignored, I feel I

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Us and Them

I cannot recall a period in my life when there has been such a strong sense of “Us and Them.” There is a growing disconnect between the leaders and the lead. This is not a good sign for a country

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Clean and Dirty

Political choices and policies have consequences. The choices made in the last 40 years have had serious consequences for the job market and balance of trade position of the United States. We’ve made a concerted effort to protect the environment,

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Global Warming – A Matter of Degrees

One of the factors in the vehemence of many political debates is the insistence on a simple yes-no answer when the issue is truly a matter of degree.  A binary choice (yes-no, either-or) forces people to pick one answer or

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Why Bother?

The term “jobless recovery” is being used to explain what is supposedly happening in the United Sates right now. Many people assume that the government is some kind of spectator, watching what is happening, and pumping some money into the

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