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First, Do No Harm

Charles Murray’s latest book, Coming Apart, is receiving a lot of attention and attacks for its description of an increasingly isolated and disconnected upper class. The angst is understandable since most of the complaints are coming from people in that

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Where to Cut

President Obama named a “Deficit Commission” headed by Erskine Bowles and Alan Simpson. They failed to come up with the necessary votes so they forwarded no recommendations to Congress. Since their ideas are likely to be ignored, I feel I

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Trust You? Why?

Professor Matthew Dickinson of Middlebury College makes the argument that President Obama needs to get himself out of the Gulf oil spill mess by delegating the responsibility for the cleanup and taking a lower profile. I don’t think that will

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Archie and the Pharisees

Archie Bunker, of All in the Family could go down as the most damaging fictional character in American history. Before Archie, the image of the working family was, in part tied to G.I. Joe and Rosie the riveter. These people

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Compassion and Politics

Political parties use compassion as a talking point, but they are not about compassion.  They are about power and votes. Money, votes and power go to people who can put and keep other people in their debt. Power is about

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Your Money and Your Life

Forty-five years ago, as a college undergraduate about to enter the workforce, I received an offer from an insurance company that didn’t make much sense. There were two parts to the offer, In return for a substantial portion of my

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